rtFIN2017 has been concluded successfully. 
We would like to thank you for your great contribution and participation in our meeting.

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The mission of rtFIN is to facilitate interdisciplinary communication within the neurofeedback community. In 2012, our organization founded the first conference on rtfMRI neurofeedback in Zurich, Switzerland. The conference, attended by over 150 international researchers and leaders in the field, initiated important conversations which brain_2.jpgled to an influential journal paper and the creation of an rtfMRI community. In 2015, the second conference was held in Gainesville, Florida, and was expanded to include EEG, fNIRS and MEG. The event was attended by over 190 participants from all over  the world, including the US, Europe, Russia and Asia. The third conference, rtFIN 2017, will be held in Nara, Japan from Nov 29th to Dec 1st, hosted by Dr. Mitsuo Kawato, ATR, Japan, who serves as the General Chair. The chair of Executive Committee is Dr. Junichi Ushiba, Keio University, Japan and the chair of Program Committee is Dr. James Sulzer, University of Texas at Austin. This conference provides the most focused opportunity to influence the field of neurofeedback, from initiating neurofeedback standardizations to organizing international efforts towards clinical translation.

We look forward to your visit to Nara and participation in this conference.